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Welcome to Slemaco B.V. Information
Welcome to Slemaco Telehandlers
Slemaco was established in 2000 to support the building and garden industries, specialising in the use of  our Telehandlers.
We support many Constructions throughout the Netherlands and Belgium using our Telehandlers or other equipment.
Service, commitment, expertise and security is our priority. With every assignment we do our best to our utmost to achieve a competetive price.
Customization, commitment and professionalism is our strength.   For questions please contact our team.

You can contact us for:
- Tree harvesting
- Concrete pouring
- Placing of windows / roofing tiles
- Rental of forkligt trucs, gas / diesel / electrics
- Hand pallet jacks
- Electric pump jacks
- Ramps
- Lifts
- Heavy machine transport
- Sales and delivery of the Romastor

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